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 Coriolis mass flowmeter , Ultrasonic gas flowmeter , Bi rotor PD flowmeter , Electromagnetic flowmeter , Vortex flowmeter-Golden Promise Equipment Inc.

Who we are?

Golden Promise Equipment Inc. is a measurement solutions company specializing in selling fluid control meters and pumps. Located in New York City with offices and factories in New Jersey, we strive to market quality products for customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.. Our company offers the highest in quality. We design and manufacture our products to make sure that our customers obtain the best experience. We encourage you to explore our Products & Services page to learn more about us.


Since 1993, GPE Inc. have provided technological excellence for its USA, China, Russia& CIScustomers. It took us almost 26 years to develop a full service turn-key innovative solution company with 16 Sales & Service centers all over the territory of USA, China and Russia.

New Jersey factory, USA

◉ We are the professional manufacturer dedicated to serving energy Industry

◉ We are dedicated to offer the whole flow control solutions of high quality, and to ensure the stable and long-term operation.

 We are dedicated to offer better after-sales service and maintenance instructions in order to save the end users troubles.

Now GPE  is a multidisciplinary Company with in–house divisions of:

◉ Tri-phase seperator metering system
Coriolis mass Flow meter
◉ Bi Rotor-Positive displacement flow meter
◉ Rotary Vane -Positive Displacement flow meter,
◉ Turbine, Vortex ,Magnetic Velosity flow meter etc.
◉ Custody Transfer Metering Skids
◉ Loading/Unloading Systems for Tankcars, Fuel Depots, Terminals
◉ Fuel Dispensing & Measurement Skids
◉ Validation Loops & Calibration Benches
◉ Upgrades/Modification for Automation Measurement Systems.


which are capable to meet any specific O&G Customer’s requirements at

the most competitive terms. Our bilingual high qualified and experienced staff offers:

◉ On-Site Start-up & Installation;

◉ Technical & Field Service;

◉ Training & Certification;

◉ Shipping & Logistics

to fully support  most of the upstream & downstream needs of fulfillment

for our O&G USA, China ,Russia& CIS Customers from the well to the gas