GPE INC. released new product F1001 S type sensor

New Jersey, USA- March 12, 2020

We are delighted to release new S type super bend sensor Size from 2” to 4”

These flowmeters are comprised of two less bend tubes in a casing with a considerably smaller radius than conventional M-Shaped Coriolis flowmeters.less sizing means less installation dimension requirement for smart process

S type sensor mass meter offer better options for our global customer for process control requiment with smaller installation requirement and high accuracy.




Designed for a wide range of liquid applications 
High measuring accuracy up to +/-0.1%, regardless of the mounting position 

Multivariable of reading in mass, volume, density and temperature .

4-20 mA with HART signal and pulse outputs, user selectable 
Superior materials of construction for high performance in aggressive environments 

Easily cleaned and designed to flushed particulates through the sensor tubes with the medium 

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