NEW UL approved Coriolis mass flowmeter F1001 serires

New Jersey, USA- July 16, 2016

GPE INC. Is pleased to annouce GPE F1001 series coriolis mass flowmeter approved by UL/ CSA. F1001 Series Coriolis mass flowmeter operated on the principle of coriolis force, working in measuring mass flow directly without externam temperature compensaton.


GPE INC. has again proved the conformity of the product quality to the highest requirements.   F1001 series coriolis mass flowmeter has successfully passed all the necessary tests and received UL/ CSA certificate for hazardous zone Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C and D.


Certificate Number: 20160704-E360841 ,click to download 


Designed for the Oil & Gas / Petrochemical industries in mind, F1001 series coriolis mass flowmeter UL/ CSA certified for use in the US and Canada, and is a drop-in replacement for the tradtional mechanical type like Postive displacement or turbine flowmeter. Advanced technology has allowed for more capabilities including: Direct mass flow measurement without temperature compensation , direct density measurement and online pressure correction.



Designed for a wide range of liquid applications 
High measuring accuracy up to +/-0.1%, regardless of the mounting position 

Multivariable of reading in mass, volume, density and temperature .

4-20 mA with HART signal and pulse outputs, user selectable 
Superior materials of construction for high performance in aggressive environments 

Easily cleaned and designed to flushed particulates through the sensor tubes with the medium