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Coriolis mass flowmeter

◉ Direct measurement: Mass flow, density, temperature, volume (by mass flow and density), Water-cut oil , Brix. For options 

◉ API table compensation for density and volume 

◉ No moving parts & abrasion,  low maintenance, Compatible to fluid and environment change

◉ Unparalleled high reliability & accuracy up to 0.1%

◉ UL/CSA approved for Class I, Div.1

◉ II 2G Exdbib IIB/IIC T*Gb (ATEX Pending)

◉ NIST traceable calibration 

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F1001 -Series Coriolis mass flowmeter provides best mass flow, density and temperature measurement performance, and also calculate volume flow, total flow and fluid composition in real-time. Currently it has three styles available which are M type sensor, U type sensor and S type sensor , Meanwhile each series has its own compact and remote meters.

In general, a typical mass flowmeter is made up of a flow sensor and a signal transmitter. The flow sensor is designed to equip two flow tubes for vibration which resulting in signals for pickoff; The signal transmitter is employed with digital signal processor (DSP), and dynamic vibration balance (DVB) circuit to deliver fast response but accurate measurement performance. In addition, in situ node-configuration, diagnostics and data recording are easily handled via HART or Modbus RTU communication.

Coriolis mass flowmeter Coriolis mass flowmeter

◉ Size: 1/8” to 12”

◉ Flow range: 3-1,500,000kg/hr.

◉ Max. process pressure: Up to 250bar( based on size)

◉ Max. process temp.: Up to 300℃

◉ Transmitter: DSP digital

◉ Process connection: ANSI, ASME, DIN, JIS, Customized

◉ Communication: 4-20mA; Pulse/Frequency; Modbus RTU( RS485); HART protocol

◉ Exdib II CT4-T6

◉ Class I Div. 1 Groups B, C, and D ( UL/CSA Listed)

◉ II 2G Exdbib IIB/IIC T*Gb (ATEX Pending)

◉ Oil& Gas 

 Chemical processing


 Pulp& Paper Industry

 Food& Dairy Industry


 Paints& Adhesives

 Flow calibration

Coriolis mass flowmeter

Coriolis mass flowmeter    Coriolis mass flowmeter    Coriolis mass flowmeter

Coriolis mass flowmeter    Coriolis mass flowmeter。 Coriolis mass flowmeter