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Turbine flowmeter

◉ Fast response time and high resolution within 5 to 50 msec

◉ Pressures up to 250 bars

◉ Easily cleaned and designed to flushed particulates through

◉ the turbine with the medium For food applications with dairy connections as per DIN 11851

◉ For Pharmaceutical fluids with Tri-Clamp« connections

◉ For very low flows designed with sapphire bearings

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F7001 turbine flow meters (hereinafter referred to as turbines) are used for the precise measurement of instantaneous flow of low-viscosity fluids rates and flow quantities such as; tap and demineralised water, fuels, liquefied gases, Light fuel oil, solvents, Pharmaceutical fluids, etc. Turbine Flowmeters measure volumetric flow, where flow passing through the tube is measured by the mean velocity of the streaming fluid. Flow rectifiers ensure a laminar flow in the axial direction of the wheel. A light-weight turbine wheel carried concentrically in the tube body is rotated by the fluid. The RPM of the turbine wheel is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity within the tube diameter and corresponds to the volume flow over a wide range.

Turbine flowmeter

Flow body - F7001 series
Process Connectionflanges up to 250bar,(ANSI ,JISand DIN), diary or tri-clamp
Operating pressuremax. 250 bar
Operating pressureProcess temperature : -40 up to +120°C
Flow rates0.04 to 0.4 m3/hr -smallest size (4mm) 40 to 800 m3/hr- largest size (200mm)
Accuracy±1% ; ±0.5%; 0.25%
Viscosities1 to 60 cSt
MaterialStainless steel as per DIN (AISI)
F7001 Electronics
LCD display8 digits(14 segments), digit height 7mm for real-time value, totals and programmable
Linearizationwith 10 points
Process temperature-40 up to +120℃ with a distance of at least 25 mm between flow meter and electronic housing
Ambient temperature-40 up to +70 °C
Weight700 g
Frequency output3-wire, 8-30 VDC controlled
Body1.4305 (1.4571 with flange)-(316 Ti)-special
Internal parts1.4305 (303)-standard, 1.4571 (316 Ti)
Wheel1.4122 (303)-standard, 1.4460 (329) special
BearingTungsten carbide or teflon
Signal outputpush, 4 to 20mA
Frequency output, fmax3,000 Hz
duty cycleapprox. 1:1
pulse width20M
Analog output2-wire (4-20mA) for Single analog output
Small sizes2 to 16 kg 3-wire(4-20mA) for analog, pulse output both 
Supply voltage14-30VDC controlled, UB=(250Ωx 20mA) + 14V
Load< 500 ohms
Large sizes11 to 155 kg
Electronics0.25 to 2.5 kg
F7001 Carrier Frequency Pulse Amplifier
Supply Voltage UB+8.5 up to 29 VDC
Controlled3.2V 10AH battery for option Quiescent current < 5 mA
Resolution16 bit (3,9uA)
HousingIP 67, aluminum AlMgSiPb, blue anodized
Ex-protectionExd II BT6, ExiaII CT4
Process temperature120 °C with a distance of at least 25 mm between flow meter and electronic housing 150℃ at least 65mm

 Oil& Gas 

◉ Chemical processing

◉ Pharmacentical

◉ Pulp& Paper Industry

◉ Solvents&Resins

◉ Paints& Adhesives

◉ Flow calibration

Turbine flowmeter

Turbine flowmeter

Turbine flowmeter

Turbine flowmeter